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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of this impeccable range of Drugs and Antibiotics. The finest Anti Hypertensive Drugs, Diabetic Drugs Long Term Medicine and Diuretics Drugs, makes up this highly acclaimed and asked for range of products. Its processing involves the utilization of high grader ingredients, in a precise composition and modern machines, following the norms and guidelines standardized by the FDA.

Generic Drugs and Medicine

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Antibiotics Drugs and Medicines

Analgesic Drugs Pain Killer

Acarbose TabletsGet Quotation

Acarbose Tablets

Acetazolamide TabletsGet Quotation

Acetazolamide Tablets

Amikacin InjectionGet Quotation

Amikacin Injection

Central Nervous Preparation AntiI Depressents

Inflammation DrugGet Quotation

Inflammation Drug

Anti Hypertensive and Cardiac Drugs

Digoxin TabletsGet Quotation

Digoxin Tablets

Lisinopril TabletsGet Quotation

Lisinopril Tablets

Diabetic Drugs Long Term Medicine

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Acarbose DrugGet Quotation

Acarbose Drug

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Multivitamin SyrupGet Quotation

Multivitamin Syrup

Metformin Tablets  IPGet Quotation

Metformin Tablets IP

Anti Malarial Medicine

HIV Drugs Anti Viral Drugs

Tenofovir TabletsGet Quotation

Tenofovir Tablets

Nelfinavir TabletsGet Quotation

Nelfinavir Tablets

Arthritic DrugsGet Quotation

Arthritic Drugs

Hyoscine TabletGet Quotation

Hyoscine Tablet

Levothyroxine SodiumGet Quotation

Levothyroxine Sodium

Vitamin and Nutrition Products

Vitamin CapsulesGet Quotation

Vitamin Capsules

Vitamin K InjectionGet Quotation

Vitamin K Injection

Multivitamins TabletsGet Quotation

Multivitamins Tablets

Ferrous Sulphate Iron Preparation

Ferovit TabletsGet Quotation

Ferovit Tablets

Ferrous SulphateGet Quotation

Ferrous Sulphate

Norfloxacin TabletsGet Quotation

Norfloxacin Tablets

Asthma and Respiratory Drugs

Anti Diarrhea

Vitamin B TabletsGet Quotation

Vitamin B Tablets

Combo Kits

Analgesic SyrupGet Quotation

Analgesic Syrup

Antiulcerants Drugs

Entacid TabletsGet Quotation

Entacid Tablets

Glatidine 200Get Quotation

Glatidine 200

Hormonal Drugs

Eye and Ear Drops

Allopathic Ear DropGet Quotation

Allopathic Ear Drop

Ofloxacin TabletGet Quotation

Ofloxacin Tablet

Paracetamol SyrupGet Quotation

Paracetamol Syrup


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ORS Liquid

Generic Medicine

Dietary Supplements

Dietary ProteinsGet Quotation

Dietary Proteins

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