Allopurinol Tablets

Alloric – 100 Tablets
Allopurinol Tablets IP 100 mg
Each Uncoated tablet contains :
Allopurinol IP 100 mg

Allopurinol Tablets BP 300 mg
Each uncoated tablet contains :
Allopurinol BP 300 mg


Product Description
Allopurinol Tablets
Healthy Incorporation and Healthy life pharma Pvt ltd are one of the leading manufacturer,supplier, and exporter of Allopurinol Tablets 100 mg, Allopurinol Tablets 300 mg in India and serving the world with the best quality of pharmaceutical products.
Allopurinol Tablets Manufacturer
Healthy incorporation and Healthy life pharma Pvt ltd, is Mumbai Based WHO GMP certified manufacturer of injection, tablets, capsules, liquid, dry syrups, pre-filled syringes, ointments etc. with an extensive experience of over 45 years in manufacturing and have reach in many countries. Allopurinol tablets are used to reduces production of uric acid in the body. This increased uric acid buildup can lead to kidney stones or gout. Allopurinol Tablets comes in a class of medications called Xanthippe oxidase inhibitors. These tablets are used to reduce levels of uric acid of patients who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Uses of Allopurinol Tablets:
Allopurinol Tablets are used to inhibit the amount of uric acid production in body. This works by slowing down the speed of some chemical reactions in body to reduce the level of uric acid in the urine and blood Allopurinol Tablets are used to cure the following conditions:

Gout (high uric acid quantity). Uric acid builds up in your joints and tendons as crystals causing an inflammatory reaction to your body. These inflammation around certain joints make your skin swollen, tender and sore whenever touched slightly and you may get severe pain when there is a movement in joint.
Formation of Kidney stones and some other types of kidney diseases due to high amount of uric acid.
Certain types of Cancer due to increased uric acid in the body
Enzyme disorders
It is advisable to take medicines after meals to reduce the stomach upset.

Additional Information of Allopurinol Tablets:
Product Name Allopurinol Tablets

Composition & Active ingredients Allopurinol

Potency 100 mg, 300 mg

Therapeutic use Gout, Kidney stones, Cancer
Packing 10 Tablets (1 Box)

Dosage As per Doctor Prescription

Precautions of Allopurinol Tablets:
Please inform doctor your medical history, especially of liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, unusual diets If you have any kidney problems or a history of kidney disease, you may not be able to flush out this drug from your body. It may increase the levels of allopurinol in body and can cause more side effects. This medication may affect your kidney function which can make your kidney worse. It is not safe for pregnant, or planning to have a baby, or breast-feeding mother.

Side Effects of Allopurinol Tablets:
Allopurinol Tablets also have some common side effects when you start medication ,if any of your symptoms get worsen then please consult your doctor immediately.

Skin rashes
High level of thyroid stimulating hormone in the blood.
Numbness of Muscles/Feet
Blurred vision
Chest Pain
Abnormal liver test
High Blood Pressure
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